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Man Yells At Correct Receptionist

Finally Solves All of His Problems

Mike Whitehall, 47, of Ferry Pass, Florida has been raising his voice at receptionists, administrative assistants and office managers for years, at every opportunity that has ever arisen.  Continue reading Man Yells At Correct Receptionist


The Birds


When I was nineteen, I had a friend who was going to Costa Rica for a month to study biology. I mentioned it to my father; something along the lines of “isn’t that cool?” My father replied, “yes, do you want to go?” Somehow, that really did translate into me going too.

So, a very short time later, I was studying biology in Costa Rica. To be more accurate, I was studying attractive people and weed in Costa Rica. I mentioned I was nineteen, right? Continue reading The Birds

Death Child

I’ve always been the death child for both of my parents. I’ve known since a very early age that they both want to be cremated. Whenever there is a story on the news about some breakthrough in dementia or a family fighting over maintaining life support for a vegetable, the parent watching would turn to me and let me know that I am never to let that happen to them. I’ve got a pillow ready. Continue reading Death Child



  • Clear the area around the tub of all knickknacks in case any water or soap escapes over the rim
  • If you have access to a fully tiled bathroom, this would be preferable
  • If you have access to a bathroom with a floor drain, this would be preferable
  • Have treats on hand to reward him or her for being such a good kitty.
  • Place one of your favorite photographs of your cat beside the tub, so that you remember why you like him or her.
  • Place one of your cat’s favorite photographs of you beside the tub, so that they remember why they like you.

Continue reading HOW TO SHAMPOO A CAT

Who’s More Neurotic?: Me or the Cat

The cat and I have been arguing lately over which of us is more neurotic. I tried to take a poll of our loved ones to put an end to it once and for all, but it came out a tie. I voted for the cat and she voted for me. So now it comes down to you and what you think. I will state both of our arguments for you because the cat doesn’t speak English and I know your Spanish is pretty rusty. Continue reading Who’s More Neurotic?: Me or the Cat