“What…what is this place? Everything is so different. What has happened? How long was I asleep?”

The ground beneath me trembles and shifts. The earth is so unstable, as though it is ready to give way at any moment. It is so hot to the touch, too. It is a wonder I did not bake on top of it while I was out. I have to find some clue of what has happened to me.

I must start walking. There must be something out there. Some sort of shelter. Answers? The red sun hangs hot and heavy in the sky. It is so much bigger and closer than I remember. It is so bright.

I seem to be completely alone now. Is everyone gone? Dear god, Dianna…

“DIANNA!” Everyone I’ve ever loved is gone.

The red sun! Where has it gone? How can this be? I don’t understand! In its place now, this incomprehensible green sun!

What is this, now? The tremors quicken. A fierce wind blows across the barren ground. I can hear a rumbling from deep within the earth, like the blows of gods! What fresh hell is this? I don’t know if I can hold on much longer. The rush, the sound, the quakes will surely break me to pieces!

I don’t think I can…


“Ew! Did you see the size of that grasshopper?”




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