A 10 Year-Olds’ Guide

Things You Could Be Doing Instead of Brushing Your Teeth

1. Check tomorrow’s weather.

2. Look out the window.

3. What is that outside? You should go look into this.

4. Debut the new song you are making up on the spot.

5. No wait, you just have to go get something.

6. Seriously, something is crucial to your teeth brushing endeavors.

7. I’d know how important something is if I’d just let you go get it.

8. Sing that new song again- It is slightly different this time, isn’t it?

9.  You think someone is at the door!

10. Seriously, I should just let you go check.

11. Oh, you forgot that you don’t want to wear those pajamas.

12. Pick the toothbrush up off the floor.

13.  Guess it’ll have to wait until I buy you a new toothbrush.


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