A 10 Year-Olds’ Guide

Things You Could Be Doing Instead of Brushing Your Teeth

1. Check tomorrow’s weather.

2. Look out the window.

3. What is that outside? You should go look into this. Continue reading A 10 Year-Olds’ Guide


Translating for My Dad

When I was seventeen and remarked that I probably wasn’t as smart as I thought I was and he replied: “Probably not.”

What this means: No matter how smart you are there is always room for improvement.

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The Birds


When I was nineteen, I had a friend who was going to Costa Rica for a month to study biology. I mentioned it to my father; something along the lines of “isn’t that cool?” My father replied, “yes, do you want to go?” Somehow, that really did translate into me going too.

So, a very short time later, I was studying biology in Costa Rica. To be more accurate, I was studying attractive people and weed in Costa Rica. I mentioned I was nineteen, right? Continue reading The Birds