Cat’s Overnight Log

00:01   The food has fallen below the halfway point in the bowl. I know in this moment that it will never be filled again. I am going to starve to death. Continue reading Cat’s Overnight Log


Green Light

Green Light

The light has turned green, and I am ready to move my car forward. I have moved my line of vision down from the traffic signal, to your brake light. My ankle muscle is tensed, ready to move my foot from the brake to the accelerator. Now I’m just waiting to see that little red light of yours go out. Continue reading Green Light

Death Child

I’ve always been the death child for both of my parents. I’ve known since a very early age that they both want to be cremated. Whenever there is a story on the news about some breakthrough in dementia or a family fighting over maintaining life support for a vegetable, the parent watching would turn to me and let me know that I am never to let that happen to them. I’ve got a pillow ready. Continue reading Death Child